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Ready to boost your brand’s online search visibility? Our SEO experts can help uncover opportunities in your current search strategy. Don’t have a strategy in place? We can help set you up for SEO success with our Gold SEO package. What’s included:


Technical SEO

  • Website Crawl & Analysis
    • Simulate Google’s crawler and crawl each page of your website to ensure it is operating within Google’s webmaster guidelines
  • Sitemap Analysis & Strategy
    • Analyze current XML sitemap structure and configure the following: Page priorities, Change frequencies, Page exclusions
  • Robots Exclusion Protocol
    • Check overall ratio of blocked pages to indexed pages
    • Make sure the robots.txt file aligns with the XML sitemap
    • Suggest disallow commands to sub folders (blog tags, authors, etc.), query parameters, and any other pages that should be kept out of the index
  • Google Analytics (GA) Benchmarking & Google Search Console (GSC) Setup
    • Analyze the following organic traffic trends: Month over month, quarter over quarter, year over year, revenue performance, conversion rate performance
  • Google Search Console Setup
    • Account Linking - Link GSC to GA to pipe in search query data between the two
    • Check for the sitemap presence and status
    • Check for correct/secure version of your site (e.g. www vs non-www and https vs http)
    • Compare the indexing status to sitemap for indexing discrepancies
    • Check for any manual actions or security issues
  • Competitor Keyword Ranking Analysis
    • Identify competitors that have a large market share and broad keyword reach
    • Compare competitors’ keyword rankings and URLs to your own
    • Filter through the data to find similar topics and themes for potential new page opportunities or blog topics

On-Page Optimizations

  • Keyword Mapping (5 of Pages)
    • Select top category/product/service pages to optimize based on current rankings and opportunity + client focus and priorities
    • Create keyword map
    • Craft title tags within the suggested 70-character limit
    • Develop meta descriptions within the recommended 160 characters
  • Webpage Content Optimization (5 of Pages)
    • Analyze body copy
      • Compare average word count
      • Analyze keyword distribution and relevancy to the page topic
    • Optimize body copy
      • Incorporate missing relevant keyword variants based on analysis
      • Optimize body copy using semantic search indexing strategy