SEO - Silver Package

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Experiencing a dip in organic search traffic to your website? Our SEO experts can help uncover bottlenecks in your current search strategy. We offer three levels of SEO audits, each tailored to meet your SEO goals. If your optimization strategy was performing and now you’re experiencing a drop-off, our Silver package may be for you. What’s included:

Technical SEO

  • Website Crawl & Analysis
    • Simulate Google’s crawler and crawl each page of your website to ensure it is operating within Google’s webmaster guidelines
  • Sitemap Analysis & Strategy
    • Analyze current XML sitemap structure and configure the following: Page priorities, Change frequencies, Page exclusions
  • Robots Exclusion Protocol
    • Check overall ratio of blocked pages to indexed pages
    • Make sure the robots.txt file aligns with the XML sitemap
    • Suggest disallow commands to sub folders (blog tags, authors, etc.), query parameters, and any other pages that should be kept out of the index
  • Google Analytics (GA) Benchmarking & Google Search Console (GSC) Setup
    • Analyze the following organic traffic trends: Month over month, quarter over quarter, year over year, revenue performance, conversion rate performance
  • Google Search Console Setup
    • Account Linking - Link GSC to GA to pipe in search query data between the two
    • Check for the sitemap presence and status
    • Check for correct/secure version of your site (e.g. www vs non-www and https vs http)
    • Compare the indexing status to sitemap for indexing discrepancies
    • Check for any manual actions or security issues
  • Competitor Keyword Ranking Analysis
    • Identify competitors that have a large market share and broad keyword reach
    • Compare competitors’ keyword rankings and URLs to your own
    • Filter through the data to find similar topics and themes for potential new page opportunities or blog topics